Client: Yoghurt & Fruits

Yoghurt & Fruits is an emerging company that makes organic probiotic yoghurts that are infused with natural fruits. The client wanted to launch new bottle wraps for all their yoghurt flavours they want to launch into the market. Each bottle is to be easily identified by its fruit blend. The client also wanted a clean, interactive and stylish website design that gives the right type of vibes that their products represent.
We came up with the following designs that are showcased below.

Package Design

We came up with this 2D designs for the front covers of the variants. Each container’s colour reflected the type of fruit infused in each yoghurt bottle for easy identification.

Website UI Design

We also came up with a UI design for their proposed website that reflected their product offering. The interface had splashes of green and yellow representing the colours of the brand. A splash of fruit burst was incorporated to depict rich blend of fruits. We thought of using a navigation with a wave-like/splash vibe to resonate properly with the design.
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