Client: Lola & Kobe

Lola & Kobe is a children’s series about two ordinary kids who always had self doubts. While out playing something extraordinary struck and each one was teleported to various places not knowing what awaited them. The client wanted to create several designs ranging from illustrations, book design, website designs and branded products.
We came up with the following designs. Some of the works are showcased below.


This project of Lola & Kobe began with just a request to make illustrative art for the first part of a series of stories. This project ended with the creation of a children’s storybook. The project can be gotten on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
Illustrations Director: Victor Enejoh

Website Design

This project came right after the need to build a brand for the characters. The author wanted something of international standard and vibrant. We eventually came up with what we have here. It also required us to create a theme soundtrack for the Lola & Kobe brand.
Visit Lola & Kobe Site >>

Brand Designs

We also made some branding designs for the brand ranging from stationeries, bags, footwears, apparels, party toppers and stickers. It was both tasking and fun working with products that children are meant to use.

Products Designs

We also designed tow board games; a Ludo game and an Adventure game. The components of the Adventure game is not for public viewing yet. We were involved in some brainstorming sessions of how players can be mindfully engaged in the game play.
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