Client: BOVAS Group

BOVAS Group is a highly notable company from Nigeria providing, energy, fuel, gas and oil products and services within and outside Nigeria. We commenced working with BOVAS Group since 2022 after we submitted our proposal for their website upgrade. The successful execution of the project led to other works that we were given the opportunity to help with. We have done numerous works for the company, some of which cannot be showcased to the public.
Below are some of the projects/works we have executed on behalf of the company.

Website Redesign

We submitted samples of mock-ups and wireframes and this current design was chosen after some modifications. The project was quite elaborate; comprising of nearly 200 pages, modification of over 80 images, creation of a preloader, 8 GIF images (with the least comprising of over 60 sequences), 2D illustrations of over 50 images, an animated movie and a short video. The project was meant to be ready in 90 days and was delivered in due time.
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Company Calendar

We were also responsible for the designs and productions of the client’s calendars for the years 2023 and 2024. The calendars comprised of wall and desk units. The volumes of the calendars are always enormous and we have to work within a short time frame between the design phase and delivery, and there has never been a time we failed to deliver before the due date.

Animated Advert

This simple animated video is part of the intro on the home page of the BOVAS’ website. It is a short 2D animation that portrays the services of the company.
Animation Director: Victor Enejoh

Christmas Cards

We also designed and supplied free Christmas cards as part of our valued added services to the company. We used custom fonts to make them standout. We also used effects, UV coatings & specialty inks like Protrusions, Matte/Gloss, Glitter, Pearlescent/Metallic & Mirror/Reflective.

Lamp post Banners

We also designed and installed Lamp post banners at some of their service stations.

General Designs

We have also made several illustrations, brochure design, culture book design, screensavers, photo frame designs, popup arts and many more.
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